When we talk about Live Networking, we think networking, training and coaching. But what about its founder, Patrice Cazelais? Who is the man behind this dynamic company?


The story of entrepreneurship begins very early in Patrice’s life. During early childhood, he was raised by committed parents, business owners and leaders in their fields. It was in Valleyfield that Patrice Cazelais studied life, alongside his sister. On the other hand, do not believe that he had it all believed in the beak! The 47-year-old man had to show a lot of will and determination in order to carry out his projects. Already at 18, after many jobs (often 2 or 3 at a time), he made his way to Combined Insurance where he quickly rose through the ranks. This gave him the recognition he had been waiting for to become a business coach on his own for more than 20 years. Add to that more than 2,500 sales and marketing training courses and you have the ideal profile to obtain the appropriate support in the success of any project!


Moreover, all entrepreneurs know that great success stories have a darker side. Many obstacles came to Patrice’s doorstep and several battles had to be fought. Who today is an inspiring leader has had to deal with judgment, failures and ill-intentioned people. Like many people, the ups and downs of his life affected him and led him to find a way to get back on his feet. Want to know his secret? When I ask Patrice the question, he replies: “music saved my life”. Downright. And those who know him well know that it was more precisely the Bee Gees who gave him the courage to continue. Moreover, this is advice that the coach offers to all his clients: “when everything is going badly, when you have a “down”, when situations are beyond you, listen to music! Let yourself be invaded and vibrate to the sound of your favorite songs, and nothing will be able to reach you. You will be invincible! “.


And finally, what about Live Networking?


Come grow your business with Live Networking!

It is on the music of “Staying Alive” that Patrice Cazelais founded his latest company, Réseautage en Direct.

Armed with convictions and passion, creating this networking company was obvious to him. The goal? Restore its expertise and help entrepreneurs and self-employed workers realize their dreams and reach their full potential. For Patrice, training is the key to success and he passes it on to his 1,200 members, with the help of experts in several fields. The project has taken root in several regions of Quebec and internationally since 2018.

The community of entrepreneurs today includes more than 2500 members to go after themselves.



Do you also want to take action? Join the great Live Networking family and take advantage of training, conferences, networking and special events throughout the year. Who knows if this wasn’t the greatest gift you could give yourself for 2023?